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Entrust your video shoot to a production agency in Westmount

Find the perfect video production services for your business

Video production plays a crucial role in corporate communications, both internal and external. Corporate videos are used to present the company, its values and its mission. Production agencies work closely with companies to create corporate videos that reflect their identity and match their objectives.

Using techniques such as professional filming, the use of drones, careful video editing and captivating storytelling, production studios and production companies can create high-quality videos for e-commerce sites. These corporate, product presentation, internal communication or advertising videos grab visitors' attention, encouraging them to make informed decisions. There's no denying that video production is an essential tool for increasing conversion and boosting sales in e-commerce.

In short, video production offers many advantages for businesses. Thanks to the video production services services offered by a specialized agency, companies can create powerful visual content, reinforce their brand image, reach their target audience and improve their overall communication strategy. By investing in video production, companies can stand out from the competition and generate real excitement around their products or services.

Video production for your company will no longer hold any secrets for you

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Is it possible to make an in-house video without using a production company?

Yes, it is possible to produce a video in-house without using a production company. These days, there are many affordable and accessible tools for producing professional-quality video content. You can use smartphones with good video recording capabilities, consumer cameras or video-enabled still cameras to capture your footage. Then you can use user-friendly video editing software available on the market to assemble the footage, add transitions, adjust lighting and sound, and even add special effects.

Many resources for learning video production

There are also many online resources, such as tutorials and forums, that can help you improve your video production skills.

How do you find a video production company that meets your needs?

To find a video production company that meets your expectations, it's essential to consider certain key elements. Look for a production agency that specializes in the creation of corporate videos, product presentations and advertising videos, with proven expertise in video editing, quality capture and the production of compelling content.

Also make sure the company offers comprehensive audiovisual services, including shooting and aerial skills, and has a communications strategy approach to help you achieve your goals.

Types of video production companies:

  • Video production agencies

  • Production studios

  • Production companies

  • Audiovisual agencies

  • Independent producers

  • Post-production companies

  • Creative agencies

How do you prepare a shooting plan for your corporate video?

To prepare a shooting plan for your corporate video, start by defining the communication objectives and key messages you want to convey. Then identify the elements you want to include, as well as the various locations and scenes needed to capture the shots that match your vision.

You can also work with a creative agency or production studio to develop a detailed plan, taking into account aspects of storytelling, video editing and audiovisual production, to create a high-quality corporate video that effectively communicates your message and engages your audience.

Why find a video production agency in Westmount?

Finding a video production agency is essential to benefit from professional expertise, advanced technical skills and a strategic approach to creating high-quality video content that meets your company's communication objectives and captivates your audience.

Their experience in production, editing and post-production will enable you to create impactful corporate videos that reinforce your brand image and set you apart from the competition.

Benefits of a video production agency

  • Professional video production expertise.

  • Creative and original concepts.

  • Specialized resources and equipment. Expertise in software such as Adobe Premiere

  • Saves time and effort.

  • Professional quality of videos produced.

  • Visual communication strategy.

  • Better return on investment.

Is a motion design video project possible with a studio in Westmount?

Yes, a motion design video project is entirely possible with a production studio. By collaborating with a production agency specializing in audiovisual services and content creation, you can benefit from their expertise in motion design to bring your vision to life, using attractive visual techniques and dynamic animations that reinforce your communication strategy.

Should you entrust the shooting and editing of your video to the same production agency?

It is often advantageous to entrust the shooting and editing of your corporate video, product presentation or advertising video/film to the same video production agency. This ensures continuity in the production process, optimizes coordination between the shooting and editing teams, and guarantees aesthetic and narrative consistency throughout the project. Video editing by the same agency that shot the footage also provides a better understanding of the project's overall vision, and facilitates the adjustments and modifications needed to achieve a striking, professional final result.

What are the stages in video production?

  1. Pre-production

  2. Shooting

  3. Editing

  4. Post-production

  5. Distribution

Do I have exclusive rights when I use a professional video producer?

When you hire a video production professional, the exclusive rights to the video may vary depending on the agreements and contracts drawn up between you and the professional.

It's a good idea to discuss video ownership and use rights at the outset of the collaboration, to ensure that terms are clearly defined and that you obtain the necessary rights for use according to your needs, whether for a corporate video, a product presentation, a video montage or an advertising film.

How much does it cost to make a video in Westmount?

The cost of creating videos varies according to several factors such as the desired level of professionalism, the tools used and the skills required, with options ranging from low-cost amateur videos to high-end productions requiring a greater investment. You can see these costs in detail in the following blog.

What are the production costs?

  • Amateur: $0 to $100

  • Semi-professional: $500 to $3000

  • Professional: $3,000 to $15,000

  • High-level: $25,000 to $100,000

What types of services does a video production agency offer?

Video production agencies offer a variety of services, such as: professional shooting

  • video capture

  • video shooting and editing

  • post-production, production of institutional and advertising content creation of corporate films

  • visual storytelling, corporate communications

  • audiovisual production, as well as internal and external communication services fully-equipped production studios

  • use of drones for aerial photography video reporting

Of course, video production agencies sometimes offer complete video production management to meet the specific needs of customers in different sectors. For more information on managing successful corporate videos, we recommend the following article.

Is it possible to make drone videos with a video production agency?

Yes, drone video production is possible with many video production agencies offering aerial filming services. These agencies often have certified drone pilots and specialized equipment to capture high-quality aerial images.

By collaborating with a video production agency, you can benefit from their expertise and know-how to integrate drone shots into your videos, bringing a unique and immersive perspective to your projects.

What are the regulations for filming a drone video for a company?

The regulations for filming a drone video for a company involve obtaining the necessary authorizations for aerial filming, in compliance with the safety rules laid down by the competent authorities. It's important to comply with the requirements for video filming with drones, and to respect video capture standards. We recommend using a video production agency specialized in the use of drones to obtain professional results that comply with current regulations.


To ensure that your drone use complies with all applicable regulations, we invite you to consult the following text.