The Best E-Commerce Agencies in Longueuil

Do you want an online store that matches your products or services? Do you have a clear vision and now it's time to put it into action? Rely on an e-commerce agency in Longueuil to support you in your project, whether it's to improve your SEO, design, conversion rate or even create your site from scratch.
Buzztroop E-commerce Agencies Longueuil


Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteShopify
2-10 People19 Projects
Maze (Studio Maze Design) E-commerce Agencies Longueuil

Maze (Studio Maze Design)

Longueuil, Quebec5.0

No bullshit. Only ecommerce.

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageHTML/CSSJavascriptShopify
2-10 People100 $ / h8 Projects
Observ Communication E-commerce Agencies Longueuil

Observ Communication

Longueuil, Quebec5.0

Une agence Web centrée sur l’humain

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteDrupalShopifyWordPress
1 People95 $ / h12 Projects
Viande & Substituts E-commerce Agencies Longueuil

Viande & Substituts

Longueuil, Quebec5.0

Allô! Je travaille avec la plateforme WordPress.

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteCustomHTML/CSSJavascriptPaypalPHPStripeWooCommerce
1 People59 Projects
Globalia E-commerce Agencies Longueuil


Longueuil, Quebec5.0

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingStatic websiteMagentoShopifyWordPress
51-100 People95 $ / h71 Projects
TechGuys E-commerce Agencies Longueuil


Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteContentfulCustomHTML/CSSJavascriptPHPReactJSStripeWooCommerceWordPress
2-10 People14 Projects

There are many advantages to working with an e-commerce expert

Find the best e-commerce specialist in Longueuil for your website

Working with an e-commerce expert has many advantages, such as creating an efficient, user-friendly transactional site optimized for popular platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Their e-commerce expertise also enables them to provide sound advice, carry out e-commerce site redesigns and implement integrations for an optimal overall e-commerce experience.
Archipel synergie créative E-commerce Agencies Longueuil

Archipel synergie créative

Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceLanding pageStatic websiteWordPress
11-25 People80 $ / h17 Projects
Relief Création E-commerce Agencies Longueuil

Relief Création

Longueuil, Quebec

Création Web & Branding

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingStatic websiteCustomHTML/CSSPaypalPHPStripeWooCommerceWordPress
2-10 People100 $ / h4 Projects
Kapreon E-commerce Agencies Longueuil


Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteCustomGithubHTML/CSSJavascriptPaypalPHPStripeWooCommerceWordPress
1 People Projects
AMM Solutions Numériques E-commerce Agencies Longueuil

AMM Solutions Numériques

Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteHTML/CSSHubspot CMSLightSpeedPHPShopifySquarespaceWixWooCommerceWordPress
26-50 People24 Projects
anekdotes E-commerce Agencies Longueuil


Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteAngularJSCustomPHPUnbounceWooCommerceWordPress
11-25 People115 $ / h22 Projects
Effervescence Digital.E E-commerce Agencies Longueuil

Effervescence Digital.E

Longueuil, Quebec


Top Expertises
E-commerceLanding pageHTML/CSSPrestaShopPythonShopifySquarespaceWeeblyWixWooCommerce
2-10 People75 $ / h Projects

Expand your online sales with the best e-commerce agency in Longueuil

Give your product sheets every chance to boost sales

By working with an experienced e-commerce agency, you can develop your online sales through the creation of a high-performance transactional site. Their e-commerce advice and expertise in site development and redesign will help you optimize your online presence and reach a wider audience.
Fyenka E-commerce Agencies Longueuil


Longueuil, Quebec

Un objectif sans plan d’action, est synonyme à un vœu !

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteHubspot CMSWeeblyWooCommerceWordPress
1 People75 $ / h Projects
DATAenligne inc E-commerce Agencies Longueuil

DATAenligne inc

Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteCustomHTML/CSSPHPWooCommerceWordPress
People Projects
Digitaiken E-commerce Agencies Longueuil


Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic website
People Projects

Matt Hughson

Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteContentfulHubspot CMSJavascriptShopify
People50 $ / h Projects

Griffonage Créations

Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteShopifySquarespaceWixWordPress
People3 Projects

Orckestra Technologies

Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
People Projects

Shopify, Magento, Woo-commerce, Prestashop, there are many CMS to create your e-shop.

Developing an e-commerce site with a CMS tailored to your needs

When it comes to creating an e-commerce site, the choice of CMS (content management system) is crucial. Popular platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento offer options specifically designed for transactional sites.

Saule Création

Longueuil, Quebec

Top Expertises
E-commerceConsultingLanding pageStatic websiteShopifyWooCommerceWordPress
People2 Projects

Take your online store to the next level with the help of an e-commerce agency in Longueuil

Develop a unique e-commerce site with an e-commerce expert

Create unique e-commerce sites with customized web design and a tailored web marketing strategy to improve user experience, increase SEO and attract more visitors to your product pages.

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