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Details about the PSCE


Who is the PSCE for?

  • For-profit businesses or cooperatives based in Quebec.
  • Businesses with sales under 100 million for the first stream.
  • Businesses with sales between 1 million and 100 million for the second stream.
  • Businesses with sales over 100 million for the third stream.
  • Engage in pre-production and post-production activities.
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What exactly is the PSCE?

  • A $200 million program over 5 years started in december 2021.
  • Aims to promote the products and services of Quebec businesses on local and international markets.
  • Divided in three components: strengthening SMBs in their local presence, helping exports outside Quebec and supporting large companies in their international ambitions.
  • Managed by Investissement Quebec.

How is helloDarwin involved?

  • A dedicated and experienced helloDarwin digital consultant will accompany you through the entire process, from grant application to project mapping.
  • Full support and tailored advice to help you plan your project, establish your goals, and manage your partner relationship.
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The three streams of the PSCE

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Marketing products and services in Quebec

Part 1 of the program is for Quebec SMEs aiming to integrate the province's supply chains and respond to public calls for tender. Offering up to $250,000 annually in non-repayable contributions, covering 50% of eligible costs (minimum expenditure $25,000), the program supports projects such as hiring market development specialists, obtaining certifications, and developing communication strategies including market research. Trademark registration is also eligible, making this program a valuable opportunity for SMEs seeking to strengthen their local market presence and satisfy the requirements of major public-sector clients.
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Strengthening the export capacity and international projects

Section 2 of the program supports exports by Quebec SMEs with up to $100,000 in non-repayable assistance (50% for the first project, declining thereafter). It includes hiring specialists, developing export and marketing strategies, and studying foreign markets. The program also provides assistance in obtaining contracts, certifications, setting up foreign offices and registering international trademarks. The aim is to accelerate the commercialization and development of markets outside Quebec for SMEs.
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Supporting large companies and international projects

Stream 3 of the program supports major companies in their international projects. It covers the hiring of representatives, obtaining contracts and certifications abroad, setting up offices outside Quebec, and marketing strategies, including digital development and international brand registration. Companies can receive up to $100,000 in non-repayable assistance, with declining funding for successive projects. This component is designed to stimulate the internationalization of large companies, contributing to the province's economy and international influence.

How to take part of the program

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First, you must complete the pre-qualification process to determine if you are eligible for the Investissement Quebec program.
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Submit an application

Then register with the Ministry to access the portal and gather the required documents. Follow the steps in the questionnaire and complete the application by providing the necessary information.
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Analysis of your request

Investissement Quebec will look into your request and analyze it for 4 to 6 weeks and make a decision in 5 to 6 weeks. After receiving confirmation, you will be ready to start your activities.
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