operational efficiency with helloDarwin


Improve your company's operational efficiency by integrating business management software. Our strategic plan for the implementation and optimization of enterprise management software is based on data and experience from thousands of industries, guaranteeing flexibility in the solutions we propose, whatever your challenges.

Why seek operational efficiency?


Can you benefit from this program?

  • Yes, if you're looking to update and improve your business management software, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) or IT infrastructure.
  • Yes, if you're looking to implement the right, unbiased solutions to reduce internal workloads and increase productivity.
  • Yes, if your company's annual sales exceed $500,000.

What do you receive through this program?

  • A complete audit and analysis of your company's operational procedures, digital environment and management software.
  • A complete digital transformation implementation plan, with eligibility for CDAP and ESSOR grants.
  • Three impartially recommended technology solutions tailored to your company's objectives

How can helloDarwin help you?

  • A dedicated helloDarwin consultant to accompany you through the program from start to finish
  • We'll provide comprehensive support through careful planning of timescales, budgets and expected return on investment for each suggested solution and project.
  • We'll use our experience to provide you with personalized advice on useful grants and comprehensive support throughout the application process
  • You'll have access to a network of over 6,000 service providers to help you realize your projects.

What we do & how it works

Here's a breakdown of how the Operational Efficiency program works and what you can expect. Our team of experts will accompany you from start to finish and will be there to provide assistance, advice, and throughout the entirety of the program.

Free 15-minute exploratory call

Let's start with a 15-minute call. That's all it takes for our dedicated consultants to get to know you, your business, your goals and your objectives.

Complete audit of your online business

We will audit your company's operational procedures, digital environment and management software. This information will help us understand your organization and highlight areas for improvement.

Detailed implementation plan, specific to your company and its objectives

Our consultants will produce a detailed list of recommended technology solutions to meet your objectives. Each proposed solution will be accompanied by a timetable, a budget and a return on investment.

Grants, financing and loans, our recommendations

With your action plan in hand, your specialist advisor will help you find the right financing options to reduce or cover the costs of implementing your operational efficiency projects.

Plan execution & full accompaniment

We'll support you throughout the entirety of the execution of your action plan. Take advantage of personalized assistance from your dedicated consultant to get the answers and help you need to make the right choices for your business.
helloDarwin platform on a laptop screen

Master your Propulsion!

Easily track the progress of your program from the helloDarwin platform.

Access and download audit results and various reports, as well as files, meeting notes and summaries after each point of contact.

Benefit from direct contact with your dedicated consultant for personalized assistance.