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By helloDarwin
June 08, 2018

Why hire an agency to implement a CRM

In the entrepreneurial world, competition is fierce. Understanding the needs and expectations of your customers becomes a crucial mission, especially if you rely on an online strategy to grow your business. To engage and retain their customers, companies use Customer Relationship Management software (also known as CRM) to better define their business strategy.
The evolution of marketing professions is at the forefront of the CRM market development. This trend responds to the concerns of businesses that must constantly increase their visibility to generate traffic and improve their sales.
However, CRM software can be complex, and choosing one that is compatible with your business model can be challenging. Web agencies offer their services for the implementation of a custom CRM that will allow you to increase your turnover and the profitability of your business in the long term.

Discover why you should hire an agency for the implemation of a CRM

Before getting to the heart of the matter, one might wonder what the features of a CRM are in order to understand why this tool is important for the viability of your business. A CRM allows recording various data concerning your customers and business partners. It is an essential tool for setting up your marketing campaigns (sending promotional mail or text messages, sending newsletters).
With its analysis tools, CRM software will help you identify sales opportunities and track commercial transactions. After-sales service also plays an important role in CRM, as customer feedback and comments are valued for the continuous improvement of the company's products and services. To get an idea of the cost of creating a CRM, check out our article on the subject.

An agency will make choosing a CRM easier

Using an agency for the implementation of your CRM is also the assurance of making the right choice regarding the software to use. These software options vary with different features such as synchronization capability, data transmission, scalability, billing, or reporting. Hiring an agency for CRM implementation ensures you have tools perfectly suited to your needs. By using a web agency, you will have a custom CRM that will be flexible, practical, and will enhance the business intelligence of your company.
An agency provides advice and support, as this tool can evolve according to the progress of your business. On the web, everything changes very quickly, especially the laws surrounding the protection of consumers' personal data. An agency will have this expertise to advise you legally on what is allowed or not, in order to make the best possible choice in your marketing strategy.

Targeting customers with CRM software

The era of mass marketing is now over. Nowadays, personalizing product and service offers is in full swing, with proposals tailored to customers' expectations and needs. Thanks to CRM, your advertising campaigns will be more relevant and better targeted, as this software is based on data collected on each customer, such as their contact details, purchase habits, etc.
Many companies not using a CRM broadcast their offers to a multitude of customers to maximize the revenue generated by their marketing campaigns. However, an agency will show you how to use your CRM intelligently, for example, by studying the behavioral criteria of your audience, such as email openings, cart abandonment, or product page views.

Impementing your CRM through an agency keeps an eye on your competition

During the implementation of your CRM, the agency can configure the software to collect all available information about your competitors. Don't be shy to do it, because they are doing the same with you! Your competitors have strengths and weaknesses, and it's important to know them to position yourself.
Knowing your competitive environment through qualified and quantified data will help you understand the specifics of your market. By comparing yourself to your competitors using this data, you can compare your services or products by studying their commercial approach. In this way, you can identify areas for improvement in your company.

Building customer loyalty and maximizing customer ROI

The main objective of CRMs is to maximize the lifetime value of your customers in terms of loyalty. A web agency can support you in maintaining the quality of the client-company relationship. With the CRM process, there will be work on engagement to sustain your relationship with your customers. This relationship will be evolving, as customers evolve as well.
Implementing CRM techniques and understanding the stages of the relationship are the foundation of successful customer relations. A CRM will structure the engagement and loyalty process. Another point is that CRM allows you to maximize customer ROI, by optimizing the lifetime margin. This margin is calculated based on the revenue from the costs involved in the loyalty process.

Measuring the performance of your actions

An agency will provide you with reports and prospecting follow-ups to measure performance and monitor the evolution of your company's commercial activity. This analysis allows you to quickly control the status of commercial activity and the efficiency of the sales force. By cross-referencing your data, you will obtain a dashboard that allows you to measure your performance. The most commonly used commercial performance indicators in business are:
  • Customer retention rate;
  • Conversion rate of customers and prospects;
  • Volume and value of sales;
  • Growth rate.

CRM and data collection

Thanks to technological advancements, especially the digitization and computerization of customer data, collecting and analyzing public information has never been easier. Depending on the configuration of your CRM, you can collect information through targeted surveys, integrating data collection into the sales process, or by purchasing files. If you have a CRM software, data collection should be a systematic and automatic process to maintain reliable and up-to-date databases.
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