What is Propulsion
By helloDarwin
July 26, 2023

What is Propulsion from helloDarwin?

Having a digital presence is essential for all businesses. It is now crucial for SMEs to have a digital strategy in order to remain competitive in their market and ensure the sustainability of their business.
That's why helloDarwin has set up the Propulsion program, a comprehensive accompaniment for companies in their digital transformation. Thanks to an in-depth analysis followed by a personalized action plan and support in its implementation, your company can benefit from the expertise of helloDarwin's digital consultants to optimize several spheres of your digital situation. In addition, helloDarwin being an authorized representative for the government's CDAP initiative, the Propulsion program provides access to grants and funding to help you plan and execute your transformation. Propulsion aims to accelerate your company's growth by taking a holistic approach to your situation and optimizing your operations so you can increase productivity, save time and money, cope with changes in your environment, reach new markets and achieve your growth objectives with the help of financing.

Propulsion, what is it?

360 Diagnosis

Firstly, the Propulsion program's 360 Diagnosis offers a complete audit of your company's digital presence. helloDarwin's digital consultants carry out an in-depth analysis of several aspects of your digital business, such as marketing, website, competition, positioning, in-house technology, SEM and SEO. They also assess your company's digital maturity by analyzing various data, such as marketing metrics and website analytics. Thanks to this exhaustive diagnosis, you'll have a clear vision of your company's state in the digital world.

Action plan

Secondly, a detailed plan to digitally transform your company is drawn up. This plan is based on the 360 diagnosis and your company's capabilities. It will consist of the various projects to be set in motion, together with their precise deadlines. In addition, clear objectives will be defined, and estimates of costs and potential benefits will be made. This action plan will optimize your company's digital performance and ensure its growth in an increasingly digitalized environment.


Thirdly, the action plan is implemented with the help of helloDarwin consultants, who work closely with you. Projects are implemented with a personalized follow-up, including 4 meetings with a helloDarwin expert. Support is also provided in the search for suppliers or software via the helloDarwin platform, and the consultants help you put together the CDAP grant application.
The helloDarwin platform offers several features to customers. It provides access to information on several available subsidies, project management and supplier comparisons. It is therefore an invaluable tool for successfully implementing the plan.

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP)

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a government initiative designed to help companies make the digital shift and increase their online presence. To achieve this goal, the program works with authorized partners and agents, including helloDarwin. Through this partnership, helloDarwin can provide subsidized services and advice to companies via Propulsion, to help them take full advantage of digital opportunities.

Stream 1: Grow Your Business Online

Under the first component of the CDAP, "Grow Your Business Online", companies with sales of over $30,000 are eligible for a grant of $2,400 for their online marketing projects. This financial assistance is designed to support companies in their transition to online commerce, and to help them develop their online activities.
Read this article to learn more about the first phase of CDAP.

Stream 2: Boost Your Business Technology

For the second component of the CDAP, "Boost Your Business Technology", you can benefit from a grant of up to $15,000 to develop a digital plan. In addition, you have access to a BDC loan of $25,000 to $100,000 at 0% interest to implement this plan. These advantages are reserved for digital transformation projects and apply to companies with sales over $500,000. These financial resources are invaluable for optimizing your business and staying competitive in the marketplace.
Visit this blog post to find out more about the second part of CDAP.

What you need to know about helloDarwin's Propulsion program

To conclude, helloDarwin offers the Propulsion program to help companies digitally transform themselves by optimizing their online presence and operations. Thanks to a 360 diagnosis, a comprehensive action plan and its implementation, Propulsion enables SMEs to accelerate their growth and improve their digital situation, while receiving services subsidized by the government's CDAP initiative.
For more information, visit helloDarwin's Propulsion page!
Receive expert guidance from a helloDarwin consultant and launch your business’ digital transformation plan.
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