Web advertising: where should you focus your energy in 2019?
By helloDarwin
August 02, 2018

Web advertising: where should you focus your energy in 2019?

The paradigm of online marketing is constantly shifting, and what you focused efforts towards last year won’t always be relevant this year. When it comes to working in the wide world of content marketing, you’ll need to be on top of growing trends and changes. This is especially important when it comes to advertising as it’s crucial to know where to focus your energy as well as your budget.

Looking for some concrete idea of where to focus your advertising efforts in 2019? Well, we’ve got all the details below so keep reading.

Web advertising: where to focus your efforts in 2019

1) Mobile-first marketing strategies

If you’ve been working in the realm of online marketing for a while, this should come as no surprise. Most people browse websites, social media and all forms of advertising from the comfort of their phones. When it comes to creating promotional material and advertising, it should always be tailored as mobile-friendly. Making a serious effort for all marketing strategies to gear towards mobile and smartphone is paramount to how you’ll gain visibility and reach new customers. Another point worth mentioning is that millennials are the fastest growing demographic of consumers, and this generation is most commonly searching for items on the internet by way of their phones.

Even if your business doesn’t necessarily look to target this age group, it’s still worth noting that many rely on smartphones for the bulk of their online activity. Mobile video is another serious revenue booster when it comes to advertising. Live video and “stories” are being used as creative ways for marketers to explore advertising, and mobile video advertising is only expected to grow. So, try your hand at some mobile video tactics and see how it resonates with your audience both young and old!

2) Augmented reality

Though not widely known, augmented reality or AR technology is beginning to break into content marketing efforts and with good reason! Unlike virtual reality, it works is by integrating digital information on top of a real-life environment, such as digitally placing a piece of furniture into one of the rooms of your home.

This is an excellent avenue if your business consists of offering items that complete or complement the lives of your consumers, showcasing products and so forth. Of course, we’re still in the early stages of understanding the possibilities of AR, but it’s a technology that’s definitely worth exploring to help you forecast purchases and invite customers to make decisions.

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3) Personalization

Again, targeting advertising efforts towards specific customers or demographics is nothing new. The personalization of content will only continue to gain importance. This approach has proven to be effective, as it provides an experience that aligns directly with the wants and needs of the customer. Many marketers are taking note of this and allotting larger sections of their budget into the process of personalization.

Of course, engaging content should always come first but finding ways to customize your content is a step in the right direction. Tailor specific CTA for demographics when looking for a strong sense of engagement.

4) User-generated content

Working with influencers is still on-trend in 2019. This type of marketing is not only viable for companies large and small but is excellent when it comes to your marketing budget. Putting your products into the lives of influencers or allowing them to try your services will offer a free form of advertising that has the ability to open you up to a market you might not have known existed. Of course, remain with your niche market and look for those who have an impressive amount of followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Even if you’re offering a few services or goods pro-bono, their influence could offer it directly back to you in the form of new and interested customers.

5) Location-based advertising

Location-based advertising is a growing trend that is making its mark this year. What this means is that advertisements are created as customized and personalized as based on the demographics within a specific location. Geo-targeted and GPS advertising are not new concepts, as mobile-devices allow marketers to easily access this information and use it to focus advertisements based on where their customers are as well as the best time for ad campaigns to reach them.

Since this marketing strategy takes a personal approach, it’s important for things to be well thought out before diving directly in. Carefully craft how to target local audiences and don’t make advertising efforts too forward or off-putting, we’d recommend a gentle touch when it comes to working with location-based initiatives.

6) Emotional responses

When it comes to the actual content of your advertisements, emotions always win hands down. Efforts should be directed toward making the business side of things seem more human, as a disconnect can be created between business and human beings. Find ways to touch the hearts or minds of your customers as well as those who might be interested. Be assertive as well as thought-provoking. Crafting a narrative alongside your advertisement is an excellent form of engagement and offering an important social message can work to capture a bigger share of your marketplace.

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