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April 14, 2024

The A+ Page: How to differentiate your products on Amazon

Many companies sell their products on Amazon, a site well-known to most online shoppers. Given the multitude of competitors, it can be challenging to understand how to stand out and attract consumers seeking a product that meets their needs. Fortunately, there is a solution: the A+ page. But what exactly does it involve?

Everything You Need to Know About the A+ Page on Amazon

The A+ Page: Your Optimization Lever

Companies selling their products online on Amazon are fortunate to be able to use the A+ page. As the name suggests, the A+ page is actually a tool for creating an additional presentation complement to a page displaying a product for sale.
This complement takes the form of a page within which blocks providing additional information about the product in question are integrated. It should be noted that the design of this type of page is both more complex and more personalized.
Although the number of templates or blocks that can be integrated is limited to 5, this is still more than enough to create a very interesting design page. Among these, you find text areas, diversified image formats, or comparative tables. And is it really worth the effort?
It seems so, as Amazon claims that A+ pages enjoy a conversion rate that is 3% to 10% higher. However, for the page optimization through this device to be truly effective, it is important not to neglect investing the necessary efforts in branding and SEO.

Which Pages Should You Optimize?

In an ideal world, with the aim of maximizing the benefits of using the A+ page, the best thing to do would be to use it for all product pages. Nevertheless, it must be taken into account that this optimization process requires a considerable investment in time and many resources (photos and content in particular).
As it must be admitted that few companies have the necessary resources to optimize all their pages in A+, it is recommended to start with the optimization of parent product pages. These refer to the pages that present a specific product in general (parent product) and to which pages displaying variants of the same product (child product) are associated.
To specify exactly what we are referring to, let's take the example of a certain model of sofa. The child products related to this sofa will show the different colors in which the same sofa is available.
Obviously, it is necessary to be able to determine which parent product pages truly deserve to be optimized. In doing so, it is appropriate to target the products that are emblems of your brand and are therefore probably your best sellers.

The Information That Must Appear on Your A+ Page

While the templates offered get you on the right track to create a definitely attractive page, you still need to be able to offer consumers relevant and interesting information. Continuing on this reflection, it should be noted that the contents and information on your A+ page must meet certain criteria.
Firstly, it is essential to provide the customer with as many details about the product presented such as its mode of use, the materials used for its manufacture, and its distinctive advantages. It is always necessary to keep in mind that any gray area or lack of precision will arouse uncertainty in the potential customer and thus doubts about their desire to acquire the product in question.
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In a second step, it is important to highlight how the products sold will meet the needs of your clientele better than a comparable product sold by a competitor. Finally, it is necessary to find a way to highlight your brand image and thus, what makes you unique as a company.
And what about the visual aspect? In order for consumers who browse the product pages to quickly identify your brand, it is recommended to be consistent in the choice of visuals. In doing so, it is advisable to choose visuals constructed on a single and the same model.

The Advantages of the Comparative Table

As a company offering products affiliated with a certain field, it makes sense that some of these products are variations or variants of other products. Since these will be more suitable for some than for others, presenting them in the form of a comparative table can be an excellent idea. This form of presentation allows the consumer who consults the page to clearly see the advantages of one over the other and choose the product that will be most able
to meet their needs and expectations.

Limits and Constraints of the A+ Page

Unfortunately, there is a small drawback regarding the creation of an A+ page. This limit being that Amazon sets certain specific parameters regarding what you can do on this page. Indeed, the size of the images you can upload will be different from one template to another.
If in some cases image compression will not pose a problem, in other cases, it may actually affect the quality of the image in question. Also, it is advised not to upload images heavier than 1 MB to avoid excessively slowing down the loading speed of the page, which is still a certain disadvantage in terms of visual choice.
In a completely different order of ideas, let's be sure to specify that any modification made to a block must be approved by Amazon, which is not necessarily an easy thing. Moreover, the parameters to be respected are rather circumscribed and are subject to change without notice.
To avoid running into problems with Amazon due to a lack of compliance of the page with the guidelines issued by the platform, it is therefore better to consult the rules set by it on a regular basis before making any changes. Furthermore, it is impossible not to reiterate the fact that the limits established regarding the modifications that can be made represent a major constraint.
A very important clarification regarding the information that can be displayed on an A+ page: it must be verifiable. You think your product is of better quality than anything that has been offered by the competition so far? While it is not impossible that this is true, it is not recommended to display it on your page. Indeed, any information found there must be verifiable, otherwise, you may be penalized.
The facts and information cited must therefore be concrete and not reflect perceptions or elements of little relevance from an informational point of view. This measure is all the more important as a lack of compliance with the standards to be respected will open the door to the rejection of your page, which can certainly be a source of frustration and annoyance.
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