The 6 best linkbaiting strategies
By helloDarwin
October 27, 2017

The 6 best linkbaiting strategies

Any company that owns a website knows the importance of getting as much traffic as possible. An integral part of off-site SEO, link-baiting is essential to the notoriety of your website and constitutes irrevocable proof of credibility that is granted to you.

But, what are the best strategies to promote the creation of natural links (backlinks) towards your website?

Link-baiting: attracting traffic with your website's content

Diversify your content

To make your readers want to join you in creating links to your website, diversity will be one of your best allies. On this subject, let’s say that the best way to capture the interest of as many website owners as possible is to try and find something for everyone. 

While some readers are drawn in by textual content, you’ll find many others who are more susceptible to content in the form of videos or interviews. In general, interviews are an excellent means to expand your scope because they leverage the interviewee’s resource network to your benefit.

Interviewees will often share more than their expertise, as being highlighted on your site will prompt them to share the content on their platforms. It’s important to remember that experts also profit from the visibility, and their increased exposure is as good for their reputation amongst their peers as it is for traffic generated towards your website.

Invite collaboration

One of the best ways to motivate other sites to include links to yours is as simple as inviting collaborators and guest writers to create content for you. Of course, be sure to pick reputable contributors whose field of expertise directly relates to your own.

Not only will your site benefit from their knowledge, but you will also profit from the credibility and resources that they provide simply from being associated with them.

Articles in the form of lists: a format to prioritize

While it is not necessary to restrict your content to this one article format, it would be wrong to underestimate their importance. This particular article structure makes information easily memorizable and is especially accessible to readers. 

The second advantage of the list format is that it organizes your content in such a way that encourages readers to easily discover and share. As a result, it is one of the simplest methods to generate and direct links to your site. 

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Newsjacking: leveraging the news to create content

The reacquisition of news stories to generate content, aka Newsjacking, might be seen as an opportunistic strategy. Nevertheless, it is wrong to believe that it is ineffective. 

Highlighting stories that are in the news and relevant to current events could be beneficial to your site. Social media users, for example, will find it perfectly natural to recirculate subjects related to topical issues, organically drawing traffic for you.

Infographics: the advantages of visual summaries

Why does infographic content draw so much traffic towards your website? In addition to being intrinsically more visually appealing than textual content, infographics are undeniably more aesthetically engaging. 

Infographics synthesize the relevant data into an easily accessible image, making what can otherwise seem complex and confusing into a simplified visual representation that is easy to understand in a short period of time. Of course, the material is not as detailed as an entire text-based article might be, but keep in mind that they are very engaging for readers, and are more often than not used as the primary source of information in an article. 

Create content unique to your site

While offering quality content relevant to your readers is of utmost importance, it is also crucial to think outside the box and publish content not already covered by competitors. If your material touches on issues or matters that are difficult to find on other sites, your material will be more interesting and compelling to readers seeking out this information, and consequently, sharing it with their network. 

Link-baiting: a new concept? 

It is only natural that new concepts and ideas emerge as circumstances and contexts change. What is significant is how you take advantage of these strategic innovations and concepts to fully profit off of them. Making the decision to pursue these new strategies will automatically draw attention towards your site. If you’re not looking to be left behind, tailor these innovations to your own use. By harnessing their novelty, you will grow the number of links directed towards your content significantly. 

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