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November 24, 2023

Instagram ads: 9 things to know!

Instagram, Instagram, who is the fairest in all the land? You may be wondering how you could replicate the story of Snow White into an article?  In fact, this is a reminder of the importance of an image in relation to the identity of a person as well as the written word. Whether as a way to identify, regroup or communicate, the image is important both individually and collectively. For this reason, as a business, it's crucial that you try and differentiate yourself from other sites on the internet. Instagram advertisements are one way to do this!

Here are 9 things to know about advertising on Instagram!

1- Facebook + Instagram = 1

Since April 2012, Instagram has become a property of Facebook. When you want to advertise on Instagram, you’re redirected to Facebook Business. One bonus is that sharing content on both social networks allows for increased visibility!

2- You’re not required to have an Instagram account

In a video which explains advertising on Instagram, it states the possibility to broadcast your advertisements on Instagram alone or on both Instagram and Facebook. When creating your advertisement, it will prompt you to choose one or the other. Further, the use of photo and video can be different in each media. With this in mind, we should mention that you don’t have to have an Instagram account to run on this platform. When you create your ad, just check the platform which you wish to send the ad out on. However, having an Instagram account can make it easier to track your audience, as well as offering other tools that are available on Instagram alone.

3-The Power Editor

The Power Editor is a tool used to create a set of ads for a campaign and is used in connection with Facebook. This will help you to choose how to advertise. Taking a look at their website, you can find demonstrations and explanations to help you understand how it works. This may seem like an arduous process, but the user-friendly site will allow you to have a much clearer understanding of how the tool operates as well as all of the ways it can be used.

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4- Use videos and images that tell a story

Storytelling is a growing trend for brands. It's recommended that you use images and videos that work to craft a narrative. This can be influenced by personal experience or something that inspires you. Choose stories and pictures that speak to your audience. The quality of your images, as well as the lighting, are also elements worth considering. If you’re posting a video, don’t forget to incorporate nice sounds or voices to make the experience well-rounded and enjoyable for the two primary sights.

5- Carousel advertising to show your products or services

It is possible to use carousel advertising if you have multiple uses of a single product or multiple products to show. A carousel on Instagram or Facebook works by telling a story to your followers. In a nutshell, it is a sequence of images or videos that can be dragged from right to left or from left to right. In fact, it’s like many ads in one.

6- A matter of time: 24 hours

The lifespan of an Instagram story is 24 hours, so take advantage of this time through inventive methods like contests or incentives that will attract people's interest. Alternatively, get creative and make something out of the ordinary. This will help your story to be seen in a different light. Of course, don’t overuse the Instagram story feature, as this may cause potential customers and clients to lose interest.

7- Stories and brands

According to data collected by Instagram, 1/3 of the most watched stories come from brands. This offers very good potential to use this outlet as it suggests that people are interested in seeing business content. In addition, note that the role of businesses is quickly growing in society. Therefore, if you want to get involved in projects that are important to you, you can include stories to spread the good stuff. This will offer visibility to your company.

8- Influencing with influencers

Do you want to do business with an influencer to promote a product or the different uses of your products? This can be an excellent avenue because image and video advertisements work to convey relevant information about your products. Moreover, since the products are presented by these influencers, other Instagrammers will be more likely to pay attention to this content. We think it is necessary to mention this trend, as it has taken a prominent place in advertising tactics. Of course, marketing trends change rapidly, so pay careful attention to all of the possibilities.

9-The algorithm: how does it work?

According to an article published on March 16, 2016, in the Huffington Post, Instagram has changed its algorithm. In fact, the algorithm works to only show content that will interest users. This means that posts no longer appear in chronological order. Instead, Instagram prioritises the date of publication, and subsequently, photos or publications that have a high level of engagement such as the number of “likes” and user interaction.

If you want to improve your organic positioning on Instagram, you should work to create relevant content. Since all videos and images are rated, do not forget to employ the appropriate hashtags as well.

In short, you see that social networks are a must and for a company, are even more important. If you’re pressed for time, we would suggest doing business with a social network manager. Working with a professional is the way to go when attempting to manage your company image!

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