Top 5 Tips to Find a Good Web Marketing Agency
By helloDarwin
August 24, 2017

Top 5 Tips to Find a Good Web Marketing Agency

Choosing a web marketing agency for your company is an important venture. Businesses new and old should look for an agency that is reputable, responsible and concerned with the final result. With so many agencies online, sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between those that are good and those that fall short. However, if you know what you’re looking for, finding a match for your business will be straightforward!

Luckily, we are going to go over a few things that you should look for when choosing a marketing agency for your company needs. This list will help to inform you to ensure that the online marketing team you choose does the best job for you!

How to choose the best web marketing agency for your business!

Why work with a web marketing agency?

Working with a web marketing agency is in the best interest of business owners. This is because marketing agencies know exactly how to correctly brand and market online content. Marketing takes some serious skill and a deep understanding of how numerous factors play out online. 

If you aren’t educated in these areas, they are learnable over time. However, for the most effective results, it would be recommended that you consider hiring a web marketing agency. Not only will this increase your business' visibility, but it will also allow you to save an ample amount of time and, potentially, money.

Looking for a web marketing agency

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The top 5 traits of a good web marketing agency

1) Measure the honesty and transparency of the people working at the agency

Paying attention to what a marketing agency does rather than what they say is an important part of choosing an agency that will put in the work for your company. 

Start by looking at the agency website, and comparing reviews listed with reviews in other places online. One of the best ways to tell if an agency is being honest and transparent is to see how reviews hold up in places aside from their website.

This will allow you to make sure that you’re dealing with agencies that have a quality reputation that you can verify. Moreover, if you don’t find examples of the agencies' work on their website, it isn’t worth wasting your time over.

An agency that is unwilling to show samples of their work likely will not follow through with the results they may promise. If you do find examples of their work but are not impressed with the portfolio, it would be wise to look elsewhere. 

Lastly, if an agency does not list their pricing on their website, then it may seem like they have something to hide. If you’re still interested in their work, follow up with questions to gain more information. Just make sure to do ample research and decide based on your interest alongside their transparency.

2) Make sure their claims match their work

So, you’ve found an agency that claims to be experts in SEO and that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Now what? It is crucial to check and see where they rank in relation to their agency claims. Take to Google and see where important key phrases sit. If you can’t locate them, this is a definite red flag. Again, look at case studies or past client testimonials.

Check several websites they’ve worked on and see how they hold up. Further, almost every marketing agency will have case studies available online. However, it is important to look beyond the surface for the relevancy of these case studies to what you need as a company as well as the number of studies in relation to the total number of clients.

3) Avoid the cheapest option

You may be a growing company searching for any way to cut corners. However, when choosing a web marketing agency, it is suggested that you avoid going for the cheapest option. Although an agency might offer low prices and be more cost-effective for your business upfront, if the price is too low there is a good chance that you may face issues in the long run.

You should be choosing a web marketing agency based on reputation alongside ethical standards and exceptional marketing skills. If you hire someone who lists mid-range prices with an impressive portfolio and great reviews, chances are you won’t be disappointed.

4) Size matters: grow with your web marketing agency

If you are part of a small business, it would be best to work with a small agency to receive the best service possible. The size of the agency you choose should be on par with the size of your company. If you think about it, working with a big agency as a medium to small-sized business may mean that the work you need done doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

On the other side of things, working with a marketing agency that is too small may mean they don’t have enough hands or resources to do the job they’ve promised.

Further, make sure to choose an agency that you can see a long-term partnership with. They may be small now, but if both yourself and the agency are considering expanding, it could be a great fit. Look at choosing an agency as if you were adding new members to your company. 

This relationship will be based on understanding, communication and cooperation so it is important to be certain that both yourself, your business and the web marketing team are working towards a common goal!

5) Find a web marketing agency that understands your niche

As web marketing grows in both popularity and importance, more and more agencies are beginning to focus on a specialized niche or specific service to maintain a competitive advantage as well as appealing to a certain type of client. Unfortunately, agencies that attempt to be good at everything will perform less efficiently and may not fully understand the market you're working within.

Unless your niche happens to be completely out there, it’s highly likely that a web marketing company to suit your needs exists. Remember, it’s best to work with those who are just as passionate about your industry as you.

Be decisive and take your time when choosing a marketing agency that suits your company. We hope, with our help, that your business is on it’s way to more visibility!

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