From B2BQuotes to helloDarwin
By Mathieu Plante
May 07, 2021

B2BQuotes gets a new look, say hello to helloDarwin!

Since 2017, B2BQuotes has been working to help companies in Canada and around the world find the best partners for their projects. 
But today, more than ever, our clients need to find trusted service providers to carry out their projects and achieve their growth objectives. B2BQuotes had to rethink itself to adapt to the changes our world is going through. 
Today, it is with great pride that we present helloDarwin, our new branding with a brand new website and a great ambition: to become a one-stop shop for all business needs.
If you want to know what the changes are, you can skip to the "What will change for you" section. If you have a little more time, follow the guide for a little background and explanation. 👇

Together we will improve the way professional partnerships have been done for the last 4 years

In 2017, we realised that 50% of the first partnerships between customers and service providers fail because they do not have the same vision. B2BQuotes was born out of this observation.
"Why B2BQuotes? Because it was obvious from the name. It was simple: we are a business-to-business service and we get quotes for your projects. Which seemed to make a lot of sense." Mathieu Plante - CEO

B2BQuotes gets a new look!

Because we believe we are more than just a quote service and because our branding was not living up to the values we wanted to convey (integrity, efficiency, innovation, collaboration), we decided to give B2BQuotes a new lease on life by changing its name and website. As of today, B2BQuotes becomes helloDarwin.

Why helloDarwin? 

Charles Darwin, this name certainly brings back memories of your school days. The famous naturalist behind the theory of evolution has been a great inspiration to us. According to him, "The species that survive are not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, but those that adapt best to change".
Why helloDarwin? "helloDarwin is a mix of our human approach and the technology that supports our adaptation and that of companies. We aim to establish ourselves as the reference platform for all B2B needs, while keeping the human element at the centre of our interactions." Alex Vanier, Chief Product Officer 
From this name also came a new website, a logo and a visual identity (new colours and illustrations). 
"Digital Darwinism refers to the fact that technology and society are evolving at an accelerated rate, which means that businesses need to keep up with this pace to remain relevant." 
Our new name reflects the people we work for: a community of businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to adapt in this ever-changing world. 
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What's going to change for you?

Using our platform will continue to be a fast, cost-free and more convenient experience than any other way to search for a supplier. Our form is changing, but our mission remains the same: to create successful business alliances through tailored partnerships. What will change for you in concrete terms? A lot! But we promise, it's all done to make your life easier! 

If you are already a customer on our platform:

  • A new website: find more easily all the services you need, exchange with our team, apply to our job offers, etc.
  • The possibility of accessing your client portal directly through the site: submit new projects*, follow the progress of your current projects, access the files of your referred suppliers, exchange with your project manager, etc. *If you do not find the service you are looking for, you can submit your project on this generic form.

If you are a service provider on our platform:

  • More prospects, more quality: a better branding and a better user experience for our customers is also good for you. With this new identity, we hope to conquer new markets and find more and more customers looking for the right supplier.
  • A new supplier portal (coming soon): to manage all your prospects and customers in one place.
We are proud and eager to have you on board with us in this new adventure. 
Darwinly yours,
Learn how to adapt to the new realities of retail with the help of this actionable e-commerce checklist.
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