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April 10, 2024

Web marketing: 6 things to know about baby boomers

You want to implement a web marketing strategy to reach the baby boomers? As you already know, it is essential to understand the needs and particular traits of this group before starting the process. But what do you need to know about baby boomers to develop a successful web marketing strategy?

Web marketing strategy for baby boomers: what you need to know

1) Baby boomers are online

Preconceived ideas often dominate our way of thinking, as well as our perception of others, and it goes without saying that baby boomers are no exception to this rule. On this point, it is common to hear remarks about the lack of interest of baby boomers in the web. However, it seems that this group uses the Internet on a daily basis to a proportion of 70% and 50% of them use it to make online purchases. In fact, it should be noted that baby boomers spend more time on the web than in front of the television, so let go of prejudices!
It goes without saying that giving up on the development of a web strategy specifically dedicated to this target audience would be a mistake. Indeed, this is a group whose financial capital is often more substantial than that of the subsequent generations, thus giving them a higher purchasing power.

2) They are a diversified group

In the same vein, baby boomers also suffer the consequences of generalizing their consumption habits. While several similarities can indeed be observed within these habits, such as knowing precisely what they want and having firm opinions, it is important to point out that the group of baby boomers is, by nature, very heterogeneous. Therefore, it is important to segment it into several categories based on criteria such as income, gender, and marital status to ensure reaching all those who are part of it.
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3) They seek detailed and useful information in their buying process

Once again, it is important to emphasize the importance of defining the needs of your target audience to be able to set up an effective web marketing strategy. To identify these needs, first of all, baby boomers use the Internet to obtain information on the products that interest them, to compare the prices of these products, and to inquire about the companies with which they wish to do business.
As baby boomers tend not to proceed with a purchase if they are not 100% certain of the reliability of a product and its ability to meet their needs, provide very detailed information about the products for sale. Obviously, the same rule applies when it comes to information regarding the services you offer.

4) They appreciate simplicity

As mentioned earlier, baby boomers constitute a target audience that knows exactly what they want and is difficult to sell dreams to. Therefore, it is advisable to implement a simple web marketing campaign that highlights the benefits offered by the product or service proposed.
Similarly, ensure that your website is easy to use and remains true to the principles of simplicity and sobriety, as baby boomers will not visit it to be impressed, but to find quality information that can be used in a buying process. If surveys are a useful tool for determining the needs of each type of internet user, they will be even more so for this clientele that can give you honest feedback on what they liked on your site as well as the aspects that need improvement.

5) Baby boomers are very present on social networks!

In Quebec alone, more than 300,000 baby boomers are present on social networks. While this number is lower than that of other age groups, this proportion still reflects a significant interest on their part. Moreover, a market study conducted in 2018 mentions that 71% of baby boomers visit social networking sites, especially through Facebook which is the most frequented social network by baby boomers. It should be noted that Snapchat is the one with the lowest popularity rate.
However, due to their cautious nature, it is worth noting that baby boomers are rather passive on social networks, making it more difficult to interact directly with them. Their presence on these platforms is mainly for informational purposes and not to contact a business. Furthermore, baby boomers often use social networks to follow news related to companies they find interesting in order to validate their intention to do business with them.

6) Baby boomers are cautious consumers, but also curious

Reiterating the point highlighted earlier, there is no need to impress with your website. A baby boomer will primarily go there to gather the necessary information to make an informed decision about purchasing a product or obtaining a service. As this group is considered to be cautious in their buying process, you must keep this in mind when defining the nature of your web marketing strategy. Let go of the gray areas and offer clear and precise information.
This caution also manifests itself in the great emphasis placed on security, making them rather suspicious of downloads or online purchases. Therefore, it is essential to clearly mention on your site that it is secure, while taking care to explain how this protection is ensured.
Despite this need for caution and reassurance, baby boomers are still a group tempted by novelty. Thus, if the advantages of a product or service are clearly explained, it is highly likely that the buying process will end properly. Therefore, do not make the mistake of believing that the fact that your product or service is a newcomer to the market puts you at a disadvantage in your promotional efforts.
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