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April 12, 2024

8 office supply resources in Montreal

If employees are the cornerstone of office life, there is also a whole logistics behind it, which cannot be implemented without a good supply of office supplies. Whether it's for meal times, taking notes during meetings, or maintaining workspaces, office supplies are essential to the daily routine of your company. But where to find them? Where to shop for your office supplies in Montreal?

Denis Office Supplies

If you are looking for diversity and a complete product offering, you will not be disappointed by Denis Office Supplies. Here you can find everything necessary for setting up your office as well as supplies for your employees: pencils, ink cartridges, scissors, staplers, and more. Interestingly, this store offers delivery, so you don't need to spend your Sunday afternoon shopping for supplies; shop online and order!

Crites & Ridell

Crites & Ridell has been offering a wide range of office supplies from furniture to various products for a long time. A company that wants to carve out a niche in its market needs to get known, and for that, promotional products are the way to go. Crites & Ridell is the perfect place to promote that little project that will increase your brand visibility. You can choose from several products (mugs, pencils, caps, etc.). Once the idea is launched and the product type selected, Crites & Ridell takes care of the graphic design and project management.


To ensure you choose furniture suited to your company's needs, Bluecony offers ergonomic consultation services. Recommendations will be provided based on the tasks your employees perform, the equipment they use, and the specifics of the work environment to optimize employee well-being and workspace functionality. Whether you're thinking of setting up a collaborative workspace or a conference room, there are plenty of options. Inspired by Scandinavian design, Bluecony features elegant and refined furniture that blends beautifully into a modern and streamlined environment. You'll also find storage and filing options to help keep your work environment organized and calm.


It goes without saying that a happy employee is a productive employee. With this principle in mind, Backshop offers a wide range of office furniture designed to ensure optimal comfort for employees. This includes ergonomic chairs, standing workstations, and a whole range of ergonomic accessories. Again, the Scandinavian trend exudes a taste for relaxation and rest, encouraging us to take care of ourselves even at work.


Whether it's an open/closed office, training room, or conference room, just one visit to their website shows that Artopex stands out from its competitors due to the wide diversity of brands and styles of furniture offered. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. You'll definitely find something that fits! They also offer storage solutions perfectly adapted to your organizational needs.

Grand & Toy

Grand & Toy carries a dual mission: to provide all the office supplies you need (pens, binders, notebooks, and much more) and to offer a range of services. Among these, it's worth noting the rental of bottleless water coolers, the repair of your broken mobile devices, and a service for installing coffee-making equipment, the sweet nectar that accompanies your bleary-eyed employees in the morning. The list goes on, as the company even designs custom stamps and can manage the entire process of creating your workspace according to your budget.


Moving beyond the realm of furniture and office supplies, let's talk about Clickimprimerie. While you might instantly think of paper when you hear about printing, this store pushes us to rethink our conception of such a shop. It doesn't just focus on traditional business cards but extends its scope to almost the entire range of printed documents and products you might need; from traditional catalogs and forms to personalized envelopes, stamps, and even custom engravings. Notably, they can print your files in the format you desire using an infinite array of media (vinyl, canvas, magnet, etc.).


If you need furniture and design ideas for your next workspace, Solutionsm3 offers several worthy choices. The benefit of choosing them lies not only in the options offered but also in the combined expertise of the specialists at Solutionsm3 and the architects, designers, and ergonomists who work with them. Additionally, other services are available such as workspace redesign, furniture repair, and even trials in their showroom to ensure they meet your needs.
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