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December 15, 2023

5 pros of using VoIP phone systems in businesses

Once again, new developments in the field of internet technology are revolutionizing the business place, with a new form of telephony using the Internet telecommunications protocol. The attraction that drives companies towards this modern form of communications is partly explained by the ease of use as well as the features that are offered.  

This type of technology is called VoIP telephony (VoIP) or IP telephony (Internet Protocol), a new form of telephone communication where the voice is digitized and then routed through a broadband internet connection. Having appeared only a few years ago, the IP-PBX telephony market has already outpaced the PBX (traditional phones) market. This success can be explained in particular by the savings that make IP telephony a strategic choice for the future.

Take a look at the many benefits of IP telephony, a technology that will surely make you give up your old business phones!

The benefits of business VoIP telephony

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1. Cost reduction with IP telephony

Above all else, the switch to IP telephony represents a good investment for companies, which can be explained in particular by the savings linked to the use of this new mode of communication. Whether it's the cost of calls, the cost of physical changes to the system, or even maintenance and repair costs, traditional telephony is considered expensive and less and less convenient for companies that are constantly evolving.

IP telephony saves companies money on cabling costs, as the installation of IP phones only requires the presence of an internet network (it uses the same connections).

It is also perfectly suited for companies with multiple geographical locations, as communications between people in the same company become free. In addition, long distance calls are no longer a factor of price variation, since the cost of calls remains the same for national and international calls.

You'll see it soon enough: competition is tough on the VoIP market. There are many companies offering this type of service, which automatically creates downward pressure on phone prices. Cost reduction represents the main advantage that explains companies' interest in this new technology.

2. Simplified configuration

The reduction in costs can be partly explained through saving on installation costs. No need to wait 3 weeks to find a technician who is available to install your telephone network, as there is nothing to install!

You will be happy to know that the few manipulations that need to be done do not require any technical know-how. Since the IP phone has two Ethernet ports, you just have to connect the first wire to your internet network from your phone, and then you will need to connect it to your computer using a second wire. Subsequently, you will only have to configure your new phone with the desired options. You will be able to change the configuration of your phone at any time and with no complications.

3. IP telephony: flexibility and scalability guaranteed

It is clear that Canadian businesses are evolving rapidly and must meet a constant demand from their customers. VoIP telephony has integrated this issue, making it a flexible technology capable of adapting to the specific needs of each company.

High demand for your products or services is temporarily requiring you to hire 10 customer service agents? IP telephony allows you to install one or more additional lines with ease. It will be easier to reassign or delete these new lines once you no longer need them.

Such an initiative would be more complicated and above all more expensive with traditional telephony, where it is important to carefully estimate the company’s telephone needs, or else you may end up with unnecessary expenses.

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4. Employee mobility

IP Telephony is a technology that is perfectly adapted to modern times as it makes life easier for field workers and employees whose jobs include various displacements and trips around the world. Indeed, IP telephony associates the user with a specific phone extension and no longer requires a line. This allows each employee to keep the same phone number if they are on the move or if they change offices.

In addition, this technology gives you the ability to work from home while receiving office calls. As you will have understood, there will be no need for these employees to hand their personal number to the customers!

5. Features of IP phones

Call forwarding, emailing voicemail messages, viewing incoming and outgoing call statistics, conference calling, this is just a quick overview of the features that IP telephony offers and that will certainly help you make life easier in the workplace

Useful for long phone meetings, this form of telephony, for example, offers the "voice storage" option to record your conversations on the computer and listen at any time.

What to know before migrating to VoIP telephony

If the arguments presented above convinced you to switch to VoIP telephony, there is no point in rushing. Think about it and take the right decision by asking yourself all the necessary questions! The best thing would be to install IP telephony either right at the outset of the company, when changing offices or during a renovation of the IT infrastructure of your company.

By switching to VoIP telephony, you will cancel your traditional telephony subscription, which can lead to cancellation fees that must be taken into account. Depending on the size of your business, your phone usage, and the features required, the ROI should be calculated by comparing the costs with the existing phone equipment. This is not to mention the price for acquiring new IP phones.

The cost of installing VoIP telephony

Count between $80 and $130 for entry-level IP phones and between $150 and $600 for high-end phones. The most expensive phones come with colour graphic displays and have amazing options like a weather preview or exchange rate indications. Some also have a webcam or an Android system, giving you the ability to configure your email and calendar directly on the VoIP phone.

If buying IP phones is too expensive for your business, be aware that Soft Phones software offers you the possibility to work with a digital phone installed directly on your computer. In this case, count $100 for a software license and about $30 for the purchase of a headset with microphone.

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