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April 08, 2024

11 Examples of KPI (key performance indicator) Dashboards

What is a KPI (key performance indicator)? A key performance indicator is a unit of measurement used to assess the performance of a company or process. It is used to validate whether the company's objectives are being met, and to determine whether corrective action can be taken if necessary.
What is a KPI dashboard? It's a table containing the various KPIs possible for web marketing. The types of metrics are used in different contexts depending on the market, industry and type of business. Broadly speaking, there are three types of metrics used in a business: marketing, sales and financial. The result is more precise measurements for assessing the company's day-to-day activities. The figures and statistics presented are often real-time.
Here are 11 examples of dashboards used by companies for web marketing. These contain the key performance indicators (KPIs) often used in campaigns. You can integrate the KPIs to suit your needs. They are for illustrative purposes only.

Marketing KPI dashboards

1) Digital marketing dashboard

This template enables you to track your company's progress on a daily and monthly basis. It is mainly used to determine the number of potential customers and where traffic to the site is coming from. There's also an indication of your return on investment (ROI). In short, it's an all-encompassing chart that summarizes key metrics.
KPIs used :
  • Traffic source
  • Lead generation

2) Performance dashboard

This table model shows the conversion tunnel in the visitor's purchasing process. Data is presented in figures or percentages. So you could decide where you want to put your efforts to keep converting people, for example. You can add ROI to your table to track your investment.
KPIs used :
  • Purchase funnel
  • Traffic source
  • Goal attainment

3) E-commerce marketing dashboard

This template shows daily transactions for an e-commerce business.
KPIs used :
  • Return on investment (ROI);
  • Sales;
  • Traffic source;
  • Target achievement;
  • Lifetime value: Customer acquisition cost (LTV: CAC);
  • Effectiveness measurement on last action taken by your audience;
  • Bounce rate, conversion rate.

4) SEO dashboard

This table shows the results of your SEO efforts. Google Analytics can be attached to your SEO dashboard. It shows you whether your SEO strategy is working. It tracks where traffic is coming from to your site using keywords, content or backlinks and many other means.
KPIs used :
  • SEO traffic;
  • Destination page performance optimization;
  • Keyword rankings;
  • Organic search traffic;
  • SEO visibility.

5) Online marketing dashboard

This is a tool used by marketers to track online marketing statistics. KPIs include social networks, ROI, sales funnel, digital advertising, site performance and email marketing. The table gives an overview of current campaigns.

6) Audience analysis dashboard

These are real-time statistics that measure the number of visitors, page views and online conversions. The best known is Google Analytics. Depending on marketing objectives, Google Analytics can offer a range of different information. It can be used in a variety of contexts and is versatile. It's easy to use and free.
The web analytics dashboard tracks your site's performance across search engines.
KPIs used:
  • Bounce rate;
  • Page views;
  • Session duration;
  • Conversion rate;
  • Open sessions by device type;
  • Traffic origin.

7) CMO dashboard

Is your marketing strategy performing well? This is where you can find out. It shows you how your marketing investment is evolving. It's a chart that gives an overview of all web marketing. From social networks to SEO. You can also include ROI to see how your investment is progressing. It's used by the marketing team.
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8) Adwords campaign dashboard

This chart helps you keep track of your keyword campaign and its effectiveness. With the statistics at your fingertips, you can optimize your strategy and make any necessary SEO adjustments. It is used in conjunction with Google Analytics for tracking purposes. Data is presented in real time.
KPIs used :
  • ROI;
  • Keyword rankings;
  • Organic search traffic;
  • SEO visibility;
  • Keyword performance.
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9) Email marketing dashboard

Email marketing requires precise tracking to know if it has been received by the recipient.
KPIs used :
  • Click-through rate (CTR), send rate and open rate;
  • CRM for visitors and potential customers;
  • Return on investment ROI;
  • E-mails sent;
  • Registration rates;
  • Email marketing statistics.

10) Social media dashboard

Track advertising campaigns and target behavior on social networks live.
KPIs used:
  • Facebook engagement statistics;
  • Key social statistics;
  • Social traffic and conversions;
  • Ad campaign performance;
  • Facebook ads CPM and CPP (last 7 days);
  • Facebook ads impressions and tracking (last 7 days);
  • Facebook ads summary of the day;
  • Social demographics on FB.

11) Social network interaction dashboard

This is used to track interactions around a publication on social networks. Responses and more.
KPIs used :
  • Source of web traffic;
  • A measure of goal attainment;
  • Social interactions.
Choosing the right performance indicators for your campaign can be very difficult indeed. It all depends on many parameters and your marketing objectives. We also suggest you consult a web marketing specialist. He'll be able to put his skills to work for you.
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