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December 15, 2023

Beginner's tips on developing a mobile app

Most websites have mobile-friendly versions in their midst, if not already on the market. Many entrepreneurs and company owners are considering the wide world of app development for the future of their business. However, creating an app is complicated. Although app development simply translates into a tiny little icon on the screen of your phone, the process itself is complex.

The most important aspect of an app is its usability. If you think you’ve come up with a concept that could translate into a usable app, then why not give development a shot? Of course, there are plenty of steps in the app development process, so we’re here to offer you a beginner’s guide that will outline the key tips and tricks to comply with when working on app development.

Here is our beginner's guide to developing an app

How to find an idea for a mobile business app

If you already have an idea for an app, then you can obviously skip past this step. If not, you should read further. The best way to conceptualize an app is to think about a problem you had, considering current issues that you encounter every day. Think about tasks you do, errands you run, and places you visit. What tensions exist and can they be solved?

All great apps start with a problem, so look around and write a list down of things you’d like fixed. Once the list has become a few pages long, start thinking about concrete ways in which these problems could be solved. Your app should be developed with the idea that it is going to solve a widespread problem.

For a company that already exists, it will be important to determine what the app will serve for within the services that are already being offered. Will it be used to make purchases? To complement the products and services? You must know if the app will represent added value and will be truly useful for your clientele.

A successful entrepreneur or business owner who pays close attention to key things that need resolving, especially in their field or community, will be on the way to successful app development. Consider the apps you use daily and think about how they make your life easier.

One way to see if your problem would warrant an entire app is to use the Google Keyword Planner tool. This tool will show you if there are a number of people seeking out the problem you’re contemplating. If you find that there is a clear need for this product, then consider the next step, and if not, dig deep into the problem list you’ve already created. 

Another method is to build a landing page and see how people take to your app idea. Utilize an e-mail signup or online survey. Either way, you’ll get a better insight into whether the app is worth developing.  

Who will use the app: understanding your target audience

Once you have found an idea that works, you need to start to get to know your audience as who you will be marketing the app for. Understanding the motivations of your potential users is key to developing, troubleshooting and testing the app. You’d want the idea itself to be validated, as this will allow you to know your app is something that people want or need.

Once the app is in the development stage, test or troubleshoots it as much as possible. Also, follow the advice of your audience. If you are in love with a specific feature or design element that isn’t testing well, get rid of it. It might be difficult at first but design features of your app that are simply “nice to have” are unnecessary in the early days of development.

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Mobile app design: simple and efficient

Regarding design, interface layout, additional features and usability, you should make sure to keep things simple. Your mobile app should be developed so that anyone can use it, even those who are not so familiar with a smartphone. 

Make sure features are easy to use and the interface is simple to navigate. In a nutshell, your app should be intuitive. Take a non-technical friend or family member and have them test it out. Pay attention to places where you can make concrete improvements.

It will be difficult for you to keep users if your app is exceedingly hard to use. Further, consider how both Android and iPhone owners use their phone. Make sure that your design matches each operating system separately or choose one and focus all of your attention on it. 

Remember, your app should be solving a problem, so don’t forget the importance of convenience. Design your app so that it is human-friendly, relating to both emotional and physical responses.

Building your mobile app: DIY or working with a programmer?

Not everyone can improvise themselves as an app developer. For a high-quality app, it is best to hire a specialist. Meet with several programmers and companies that offer this type of service. You can describe your idea to them and see what they suggest. Afterwards, you can pick the one that you prefer and that seems to offer the best price/quality ratio.

Also, don't forget that the app building process is important but that the programmer or company must also offer technical services. This means that they will be available to create updates and to solve any technical problems if such a thing happens.

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