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November 24, 2023

Using infographics to improve blog posts

As a growing or established business, you could invest days, weeks and months in developing valuable and quality content. However, without an amazing outreach, it is difficult to expect this content to be discovered. Newer businesses may not understand the importance of online visibility as well as the ways to obtain it.

Of course, gaining visibility may start with excellent copy and quality content but increasing the promotional efforts of your company is the only real way to reach an audience. So, have you ever considered the power of infographics to drive traffic to your site and improve your reach?

If you haven’t, look no further! We’ve got all of the inside information on how using infographics can improve blog posts exponentially.

How using infographics can improve blog posts!

What is an infographic?

So, it is likely best to begin with the basics for those who may not know what an infographic encompasses. You’ve probably seen your fair share of infographics in this digital age, as they grace many sections of the internet, from social media feeds to advertisements and landing pages.

An infographic is essentially a visual representation of information and is generally presented in the form of a chart, graph as well as an image that can be easily understood by the viewer. In a nutshell, infographics work to simplify complex information so that is easily consumable for website visitors.

Credit: Flickr- Daniel Zeevl

Infographics are usually reserved for data-driven and conceptual ideas that look to directly declare or explore ideas and information to potential customers and clients. Infographics come in several shapes and sizes, and the way you use them will depend on the information you’re using and how you’re looking to convey it.

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Increasing traffic by way of infographics

There are three dominant learning styles, and these are visual, aural and kinesthetic. Essentially, people either learn by seeing, by hearing or through visual actions. Visual learners make up a larger portion of the population than the other two types mentioned, and as a result, using infographics can be a persuasive method to increase reach and gain a significant online following.

Now that you understand what an infographic is, how can they drive traffic towards your website when all of the relevant information is included in a picture? This is a very important question, but one that we are able to answer! The largest traffic source that websites get is SEO, and linking any of your content to popular websites will result in a visibility increase while improving your sites position in search engines.

The reason that infographics increase visibility and website traffic is because the graphic can be posted and shared on numerous different platforms, copying the same content without experiencing Google penalties that apply to written blog posts and other forms of content undergo. This is an excellent way to build relationships with online influencers to increase your business visibility.

Another note is that visual content is processed up to 60,000 times faster than text. This is important to bear in mind when trying to reach a wide audience, especially with attention spans dropping as a result of the accessibility and overabundance of digital content. Experts suggest that businesses that experiment with infographics tend to see their traffic grow at an average of 12% more, a figure that is definitely positive!

Credit: Flickr- Brian Solls

Creating infographics for your business

Like many forms of marketing, infographics can be fairly expensive to create. However, they are worthwhile for their unique ability to drive a large amount of traffic towards a website or blog. Remember, when creating an infographic, the most important aspects include readability as well as share-ability. 

You want all of the important information to be conveyed while making the graphic itself unique and appealing. You want your infographic to be easy for influencers and other businesses in your field to include in their blogs and on their websites.

As mentioned, image posts perform extremely well on social media in comparison with text-based posts. If you’re interested in coming up with your own, gather a list of interesting statistics from your business ventures that will catch the interest of a specific audience.

There are plenty of online tools that can help you develop the infographic itself, especially if you don’t identify as a designer or creative, and some of these include Visme.co, Canva Infographics, Piktochart and Visualize.me. As we’ve already stated, even if you create the world's greatest infographic, it won’t be recognized as such without an ample amount of sharing.

How to build relationships with influencers using infographics

If you don’t have the budget to create your own infographics from the get-go, why not re-post some of the big-ticket ones from huge companies and influencers that work in your field? This is an excellent way to explore the world of infographics without spending any money. 

First, start by reaching out to these influencers with an offer for cross-promotion. Make sure to do plenty of research and contact more than one company or influencer in your field. Put a lot of thought into preparing your pitch, making sure that e-mails are well detailed and thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar.

Of course, in most cases, it is impossible for your business to gain visibility overnight, but a lot of hard work, as well as dedication to your business ventures, will definitely aid in growing reach and channelling new clients towards your blog or website. 

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